Hijacked VW TV ad

A bit similar to the last year’s I _ This Ad viral campaign, this video is probably the first public tagged tv spot. (from adpirates.org)

As consumer consciousness is growing fast, I believe there will be more hijacked ads to come.


Mushroom buildings of the future

As architects are searching for new ergonomical and eco-friendly designs , I just thought that buildings that resemble mushrooms are not such a bad idea. Nature is the best architect of all. When you look closer at a mushroom you can see that the creator has thought of every possible little detail that is ergonomically and technically perfect as well as aesthetically pleasing. In other words – there is no fault in a mushroom!


The roof surface of a mushroom shaped building is perfect for collecting solar power. So the buildings can be energy sustainable. Using the principle of natural cooling system of a mushroom is also a big advantage.

People’s Faces Search on Google.

It would be cool if Google (or any other search engine) could integrate a special People’s Faces Search feature. All we have to do is to upload a photo of a person, then a special “face recognition” program will scan it and find all people’s photos on the web that look similar to your originally uploaded photo. Imagine if online dating sites start offering it. It would make finding a perfect mate (based on looks) so much easier. Could be fun when searching for your “twins” … or for the most popular face on the web? 😉


And below is yet another little idea that will help to get even more precise search results. The idea is that apart from typing in a word/sentence in the search window, one can select a type of question one wants to ask, i.e. questions that start with “What is…” or “How to…”, etc. For even more narrowed search one can also include categories.

Best Use of a Clio Award

Legendary creative Chuck McBride has been talking about leaving the big agency life and starting his own superstar firm.

The short film is shot from the perspective of a visitor to the office who walks though the agency’s front door and finds no one at the reception desk. Making its way through the building, the camera shows splatters of blood and bodies on the floor and over desks. The camera walks up to a desk where a man resembling Mr. McBride is sitting at a computer in blood-stained clothing, holding what appears to be a blood-filled chalice (but is, in fact, an upside-down Clio). As he exhales from a cigarette, the Fifth Dimension’s “Up, Up and Away” swells to the words “up, up and away in my beautiful balloon” and the actor says, “Relax. Everything’s going to be OK.

But why the Clio is depicted as a murder weapon? Are awards so dangerous? I bet they can be. Especially those that kill creativity. And I think that most of them (ad awards) are similar in nature to Oscar’s – overhyped celebration of well executed mediocrity. Anyway, that’s how I see it. The clip is brilliant and thought provoking.

Taking the Balloon idea even further

I just read this post “Balloning marvelous or noisy attention seeking” from Chris Hoskin where he writes how Members of BUND (German Friends of the Earth) put the balloons on the exhaust pipes of cars to highlight problems with CO2 emissions.

Why not to push this idea further and put massive balloons on industrial smokepipes? The huge balloon would be filled with hot smoke and released to float in the sky as a giant poster.


I am sure that such a stunt would would create a bigger impact then targeting individual cars as well as solving a problem with reading the actual message (on the ballons).

SPAMarketing: Time for Advertising Green Tax?


A typical view: next to mailboxes stands a waste basket full of discarded unread direct mailing advertising. People hate it and yet the “analog” spamming seems to be on the rise. What a waste of paper, trees, paint, etc. The way I see it – the only way to stop it is to make advertisers responsible/accountable for such a waste of natural resources. I don’t know, maybe introducing the first Advertising Green Tax will help?