Pooja loosely translates as “blessing”. I just got a new bike and decided to perform pooja on it.

This has been done outside small Ganesh temple (God of Luck and Protection) using incense from the temple, red henna, lemons and a coconut. It was broken into pieces at the very end of the ritual. Pooja mantras were played in the temple throughout.


Bindu marks left on all four sides of the bike.




Pooja is widely used on all newly acquired material things to charge them with protective energy.


Wierd Outdoor Village Media

click on the pic for the full view.

1. Village couple announces its support for a political party.

Village couple political

2. Wedding announcement. You see the couple (left) and wedding ceremony sponsors (right)

Wedding & sponsors poster

3. A symbol that keeps evil forces away. You can see such signs almost on every house, village office or transport.

Good luck signs

4. A village leader stature.

Village stature political

5. Election poster.

Painted political

6. Popular guy (election) poster.

outdoor cutout poster

7. Private Happy Birthday poster.

Happy birthday poster

8. Political leaders poster. I don’t know why, but the “green” face (with dark glasses) always stays “green” on every poster.

Wall political

9. Political poster on private house. In support of Lolita (controversial political figure.)

Lolita political

10. Another political party symbol.

Smithlock political

11. Beacon – another symbol representing a political party.

Beacon political

12. Anniversary of someone’s death poster.

Death announcement

13. A marriage announcement poster.

Marriage announcement poster

14. Another political party symbol in a village

Party signs

15. Just wierd.