Israel to export Middle East crisis to Latin America?

Here’s what I just learned from one of the comments on Current TV in response to this article on BBC titled – Israel plans more settler homes ( from Sunday, 1 June 2008 ). The comment was left by Jubal as a response to my video that I posted on Current TV also as a response to that article. he wrote:

Israel has made a pact with Ecuador to relocate all the Israelis to their country should they be attacked. Ecuador signed a treaty with Israel to give them all the territory that they recover from Peru; should Ecuador be attacked by Peru again. Israel has vowed to defend Ecuador in exchange for vast amounts of land in the Amazon Rainforest. Ecuador agreed to help Israel if they are attacked.

now, regarding the pact between Israel and Ecuador – I think it’s NOT a wise idea because it relies on the same old strategy that had put Israel in trouble in the first place. using the war as an excuse to occupy other people’s land may have worked before, but almost certainly not in this century!

just imagine that it actually happens – Ecuador invites Israel to fight against Peru and Israel occupies Peruvian territory. that will be like importing Middle East crisis to Latin America. what a nightmare scenario! i am amazed that Israel repeatedly fails to learn the history lessons and I wouldn’t be surprised if this pact idea with Ecuador was initiated by Israel in the first place.


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