The World Through My Eye.

1.  Every matter has an infinite number of Communication Tubes. Each CT is a parallel world. The number of CT is endless because the amount of matters is infinite too.

2. The infinite Information is cycling along the Warped Circle. The shape of The Circle in the fourth dimension approximately resembles number eight.

3. The point of intersection of The Circle is the real world with the observer in it (presence tense). The first half of The Circle refers to the Future, the second half  – the Past.

4. As long as the Future and the Past are interconnected there is a mutual influence on each other. Therefore choosing the Future we can choose the Past and vice versa.

5.  The Past is unreal. The Future is unreal. The Observer is real. The Present is a moment of constant motion through Space and Time. It is a point where waves from the Future and Past clash with each other. The Present is a probable location of an Object in Space at the moment but its path is indeterminable.


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