Xgeronimo takes photos of his daily planner (2006)

This is a video response to Noah takes a photo of himself every day for 6 years.


Ray Anderson addresses his fellow “plunderers”

I just love the man’s speech. This a scene from a famous Canadian documentary “The Corporation“. Filmed addressing some industrial colleagues as “fellow plunderers”, Ray Anderson (the CEO of ‘world’s biggest carpet manufacturer’ Interface) advocates a total rethink of the way that corporations view natural resources and aims for his own company to be entirely sustainable by 2020.

SPAMarketing: Time for Advertising Green Tax?


A typical view: next to mailboxes stands a waste basket full of discarded unread direct mailing advertising. People hate it and yet the “analog” spamming seems to be on the rise. What a waste of paper, trees, paint, etc. The way I see it – the only way to stop it is to make advertisers responsible/accountable for such a waste of natural resources. I don’t know, maybe introducing the first Advertising Green Tax will help?

Future money will be energy.

In the future energy will become the most valued commodity of all.
I believe that in the future our money will be energy. Plastic cards charged with energy units will replace coins and banknotes. Energy will become the trading currency in the business world. Salaries will be paid with digitised energy units. Our bank accounts will turn into personal energy storage. Since energy will be a constant deficit, a new technology of converting one form of energy into another will be developed. For example a sort of turbines that encode a human physical energy into money. This will significantly reduce unemployment since everyone can do some “working” on these machines. In the future people will find it hard to comprehend why people in 2006 didn’t store all that energy they produced while sweating out in their gyms or walking a dog in a park. I also think that there will be less fat people in the future. 😉