The World Through My Eye.

1.  Every matter has an infinite number of Communication Tubes. Each CT is a parallel world. The number of CT is endless because the amount of matters is infinite too.

2. The infinite Information is cycling along the Warped Circle. The shape of The Circle in the fourth dimension approximately resembles number eight.

3. The point of intersection of The Circle is the real world with the observer in it (presence tense). The first half of The Circle refers to the Future, the second half  – the Past.

4. As long as the Future and the Past are interconnected there is a mutual influence on each other. Therefore choosing the Future we can choose the Past and vice versa.

5.  The Past is unreal. The Future is unreal. The Observer is real. The Present is a moment of constant motion through Space and Time. It is a point where waves from the Future and Past clash with each other. The Present is a probable location of an Object in Space at the moment but its path is indeterminable.


Zeitgeist: doped generations

here’s a movie worth watching, it’s called Zeitgeist and is over 2 hours long! It’s about the myths and creation of parallel realities by those who seek to control you and me. I also love the art direction of this film!

a short clip from the film, a footage used from “Network” 1976, as an appetizer:)

enjoy the film.

here’s a trailer to the sequel that will be out in october 2008:

Memes are replicators of consciousness?

Susan’s Blackmore’s fascinating talk about memes and temes (techno memes). She explains how memes work and survive (self replicating information) and after watching it i thought that this principle is similar to the way consciousness expands… i wrote about it a while ago in Big Bang Theory of Consciousness
So it seems like memes are replicators of consciousness. I will go along with that. 😉 Susan Blackmore studies memes: ideas that replicate themselves from brain to brain like a virus. She makes a bold new argument: Humanity has spawned a new kind of meme, the teme, which spreads itself via technology — and invents ways to keep itself alive

Israel to export Middle East crisis to Latin America?

Here’s what I just learned from one of the comments on Current TV in response to this article on BBC titled – Israel plans more settler homes ( from Sunday, 1 June 2008 ). The comment was left by Jubal as a response to my video that I posted on Current TV also as a response to that article. he wrote:

Israel has made a pact with Ecuador to relocate all the Israelis to their country should they be attacked. Ecuador signed a treaty with Israel to give them all the territory that they recover from Peru; should Ecuador be attacked by Peru again. Israel has vowed to defend Ecuador in exchange for vast amounts of land in the Amazon Rainforest. Ecuador agreed to help Israel if they are attacked.

now, regarding the pact between Israel and Ecuador – I think it’s NOT a wise idea because it relies on the same old strategy that had put Israel in trouble in the first place. using the war as an excuse to occupy other people’s land may have worked before, but almost certainly not in this century!

just imagine that it actually happens – Ecuador invites Israel to fight against Peru and Israel occupies Peruvian territory. that will be like importing Middle East crisis to Latin America. what a nightmare scenario! i am amazed that Israel repeatedly fails to learn the history lessons and I wouldn’t be surprised if this pact idea with Ecuador was initiated by Israel in the first place.

Big Bang Theory of Consciousness

here’s my big bang theory of consciousness on a cosmic scale:

Levels of consciousness:
1. mineral
2. plant
3. animal
4. human
5. beyond human

It works roughly like this: from very basic – it expands and becomes more complex – unill it implodes (becomes literally all one) … and explodes…

On a phisical level, simple nodes of consciousness tend to multiply thus creating more complexity and expand in a curved shape around the centre of origin (gravity of energy prevents it from fdrifting away)… thus creating a more densed layer… so it keeps multiplying and filling the space around itself untill eventually the outer layer becomes so dense that it locks the system into a solid shell (like an egg shell). When this happens the proccess of radical transformation takes place inside the “egg”…. the birth of something completely new. (I believe we have reached that stage of evolution already!)

Further, as the creative proccess of mutational multiplication is never ending (and ever accelerating), the space inside the egg becomes more and more densed (implosion proccess)… untill it becomes one solid matter – all one! Now it becomes so heavy and densed that eventually the pressure becomes too big and the egg cracks. But the pressure of course is so big that it doen’t just crack – it explodes! (just like the big bang)… sending all its bits and peaces (of consciousness) all around the cosmos…. untill these flying bits get lumped with other bits of consciousness (from different galaxies)… thus beginning to form a new system… and the proccess (forming a new egg) repeats itself!

Furtermore, the new egg will start from basic level 1 again, but it will be of course beyond human level node… thus creating even more complex systems of consciousness (far and far beyond our imagination now!). And this is how I visually imagine a magnificent proccess of never ending evolution: from explosion to implosion.

here’s a drawing that illustrustrates formation of new conscious nodes after explosion: