People’s Faces Search on Google.

It would be cool if Google (or any other search engine) could integrate a special People’s Faces Search feature. All we have to do is to upload a photo of a person, then a special “face recognition” program will scan it and find all people’s photos on the web that look similar to your originally uploaded photo. Imagine if online dating sites start offering it. It would make finding a perfect mate (based on looks) so much easier. Could be fun when searching for your “twins” … or for the most popular face on the web? 😉


And below is yet another little idea that will help to get even more precise search results. The idea is that apart from typing in a word/sentence in the search window, one can select a type of question one wants to ask, i.e. questions that start with “What is…” or “How to…”, etc. For even more narrowed search one can also include categories.