Thinking Outside The Cube (visualization)

Black dots – people that follow the rules of the cube and move along the lines. (I wanted to make them more in sync with each other, but lost patience in doing so 😉

Red dots – people that don’t follow the rules of the cube and move independantly outside the system.

click on the image to view animation:

Both have their own function: the black ones – to maintain the system, the red ones – to test and hack it.

approx. ratio: 1 red dot for 9 black dots.

p.s. All the black dots love watching parades and be part of any sync movements. All the red dots are mavericks and independent thinkers.


Expansion of consciousness, drawing.

real – things that are already real for us

unreal – things that aren’t real, but still can be imagined

impossible – is what lies beyond our imagination.

its a dynamic system, i.e.: 1000 years ago planes were still unconceivable, 200 years ago they became conceivable and 100 years ago they became a reality.