Wierd Outdoor Village Media

click on the pic for the full view.

1. Village couple announces its support for a political party.

Village couple political

2. Wedding announcement. You see the couple (left) and wedding ceremony sponsors (right)

Wedding & sponsors poster

3. A symbol that keeps evil forces away. You can see such signs almost on every house, village office or transport.

Good luck signs

4. A village leader stature.

Village stature political

5. Election poster.

Painted political

6. Popular guy (election) poster.

outdoor cutout poster

7. Private Happy Birthday poster.

Happy birthday poster

8. Political leaders poster. I don’t know why, but the “green” face (with dark glasses) always stays “green” on every poster.

Wall political

9. Political poster on private house. In support of Lolita (controversial political figure.)

Lolita political

10. Another political party symbol.

Smithlock political

11. Beacon – another symbol representing a political party.

Beacon political

12. Anniversary of someone’s death poster.

Death announcement

13. A marriage announcement poster.

Marriage announcement poster

14. Another political party symbol in a village

Party signs

15. Just wierd.




I met this guy called Harekrishnan. He is quite famous in India for cycle skipping for long distances and even got in Indian Book of Records when he skipped for more then 100 miles non stop. Here’s a link from Indian newspaper covering his AIDS awareness stunt.

I suggested him to try it at night with a rope on fire and filmed it in a single take. It looked bizarre and beautiful at the same time. The image gets brighter when the fire gets lit.

We are currently working on some other stunts. If anyone wants to contact Harekrishnan or offer him a job, he is a cool guy and crazy enough to try anything. He lives in a village and currently doesn’t have internet access. But if you drop me a line, I will sure pass it to him.

A message from a fellow smoker.

Few weeks ago posted a video with my response to the anti smoking graphic health images that the EU health officials are planning to introduce across all European states later this year. I received a lot of positive feedback from youtubers, both smokers and non smokers. But one message came from a youtuber crazymikeobcbro that I found in particularly very interesting… from the existential point of view.

Below is the most part of the text:

<q>I too feel that it is hypocritical as an American that lobbyists and politicians make billions of dollars from the tobacco industry and from it’s consumers, we the people. Through our taxes we are aiding both sides of the fight… how hypocritical. It was not until I broke through the image of smoking that I realized how to quit without any effort;

The same government that proposes you quit, promotes anti-smoking campaigns, stop-smoking patches and gum, and TRUTH commercials, also produces the tobacco. The United States supreme court ruled that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) cannot regulate tobacco. Tobacco is a drug, cigarettes are a drug. They regulate toothpaste, they regulate soap, they regulate electrical appliances and automobiles and water consumption and housing and where you can plant a tree and where you can cut one down, they regulate marriage, and your kids, and your education, and your health, but they will not regulate smoking.

By showing advertisements on television of the dangers of smoking, they are only encouraging young populations to pick up the habit. Why? Because it is rebellious. It is a way to strike back at the government that says no no no no no all the time, in your face. You get the sensation that you are rebelling against the authority when you light up everytime, throwing all science to the wind and sticking a big FUCK YOU finger up to Uncle Sam.

Quite the contrary… When I came to realize that the very motives that propogated my addiction in the first place, the bad boy image, the coolness of it, the way it made me look like a rebel (popularly portrayed in American Cinema and culture) were actually making me a slavery to BOTH the anti-smoking campaign and the pro-smoking campaign.

You see everybody wins either way. The American Cancer Society makes huge profits from the disease and it is a multi-billion dollar industry. Plain and simple fact, there is no black or white, no good or evil, there is only one element and that is the almighty dollar.

When I came to the realization that I was a slave to something, that I was addicted, that I struggled with this guilt and shame, and that the government itself was imposing this on me against my free will, I realized that I was not a slave… I was the perfect consumer. Not only did I spend tons of money on smoking, but I spent tons of money on quitting smoking, and further on down the line I will inevitably spend tons more money when I become sick.

Not only that, but my death alone will only encourage others around me to smoke. Quite the opposite to what one would think, as you proposed in your video. When my family was killed off by cancer and tumors it did nothing to stop anybody in my family from smoking. It only encouraged me to smoke more, to test the waters, to push the limits.

Now I see that I am a slave, a drone, a species whose only purpose is to live a paradoxical life. I want to be attractive to the opposite sex, so I smoke. I want to be attractive to the opposite sex, so I quit. I want to be healthier so I smoke for the relaxation and energy. I want to be healthier so I quit for the relaxation and energy. Do you see how paradoxal the system works. I will consume healthy foods, and smoke. I will excercise and play sports, and I will smoke. It is because I was enslaved man, enslaved by Big Brother.

Realize this, NOBODY is on your side. Resistance is futile! Your attempts to win will not work. You are hooked and will forever be for life. One puff is all it will take. Face it now, the world will always and forever be full of smokers and you and I are one of them. That is unless we choose to completely break the bonds that tie us to this very system. To rebel completely. To truly be free, free from their foods, free from their water, free from their oil, free from their police and their laws. The system is designed to fail, and that my friend is why quitting fails everytime.

Break the system and rebel. Rebellion is the only answer. Refuse to comply with all forms of government. Plug into the spirit realm and tap into the conduit, see past the world that is in your own two eyes. Look deeper with your third eye, follow your intuition. You my friend are a captive, the chemicals in the smoke distort your thoughts, you cannot think clearly. You are being submitted to subliminal messages that react within your brain. The government wants it’s citizens to smoke, see that TRUTH.

You are one of them, clearly you are operating for them. Yes, don’t you see now. You cannot make any decision of your own, you are eating their food, breathing their air, smoking their cigarettes, following their laws, watching their tv, listening to their radio. You have already, as everyone, been subjected to your governments form of slavery and brainwashed. Each country has it’s own form of brainwashing… Don’t watch the news, don’t read the paper… Trust no one, only yourself. If you believe something is true, it is! Science cannot prove anything, math cannot prove anything, nothing can be proven.

Math and science were derived from this world, and everything of this world is designed to fail. Our bodies are unforgiving and fail, our cars, our relationships, the law, the government, food spoils, even virgin babies are aborted…

The only thing pure in this world is your spirit, the one truth. And unfortunately until you break the bonds of the government, you will always be a slave.

I suggest that you follow my instructions, smoke some good marijuana, and listen to yourself speak…. clearly… with no interference what so ever. You must surround yourself with nature and conflict, jeoporadize yourself, visit new places, and believe nothing you see, nothing you hear, nothing you feel, taste or smell. These are all just devices of failure. Only your true spirit can decipher.

Than you will step onto a new dimension, anothe level of reality, the only TRUTH there is. Move to this area and your life will never be the same again. I have traveled in and out of periods of lucidness, falling to and from. And I have been on both sides of reality. The real thing is much more dangerous, life will be much shorter, time will go by slower and faster simultaneously, past, present and future existing all at once… faces will look different, you will see nothing and gain nothing once you begin to question everything and accept nothing… ah yes.

Nothing is what it seems, these cigarettes are nothing.
They mean nothing. This whole idea of yours is a manifestation of something imaginary. You truly could care less about smoking, you were told that you were angry, you were told that you could sue. You were told to quit and you were told to smoke. Do you see? Ahh yes, I think I have confused you. You might not believe what I say… Look deeper. You have been instructed what your problems are, what your ills are, what devices to use, and what solutions you need. You have been ordered a mission, a destination, and all the while you haven’t even realized this.

Look deeper, look further…. Now you might become angry at this, or you might laugh, or you might think I am a lunatic, one who contradicts himself, one whose entire method of delivery is itself paradoxical. This is the very matter, read this and see what kind of reaction you produce. I hope that you will take what I have written light heartedly, as I am a prophet of the future, and an eye of the truth, a voice of the other side. Don’t believe what I say or write to you… believe the them instead, it’s much easier…</q>


That’s quite a response. Pretty deep but I think I dig it.

Zen and the Art of emotional mapping

I finally started my own emotional mapping thingy – My Life’s Ups & Down project – by rating the mood of each day of my life. The rating scale is from 1 to 10 (the best). The actual software program is still under development (screenshots), but I decided not to waste time and start recording the data now (since 1 feb. 2007) and publishing it on my other blog (mylifesupsanddowns.wordpress.com). It’s a kind of open source project so if you would like to know more about it or willing to contribute in its development as an investor or with your skills and time – I would would give that day a tenner!


Mushroom buildings of the future

As architects are searching for new ergonomical and eco-friendly designs , I just thought that buildings that resemble mushrooms are not such a bad idea. Nature is the best architect of all. When you look closer at a mushroom you can see that the creator has thought of every possible little detail that is ergonomically and technically perfect as well as aesthetically pleasing. In other words – there is no fault in a mushroom!


The roof surface of a mushroom shaped building is perfect for collecting solar power. So the buildings can be energy sustainable. Using the principle of natural cooling system of a mushroom is also a big advantage.

People’s Faces Search on Google.

It would be cool if Google (or any other search engine) could integrate a special People’s Faces Search feature. All we have to do is to upload a photo of a person, then a special “face recognition” program will scan it and find all people’s photos on the web that look similar to your originally uploaded photo. Imagine if online dating sites start offering it. It would make finding a perfect mate (based on looks) so much easier. Could be fun when searching for your “twins” … or for the most popular face on the web? 😉


And below is yet another little idea that will help to get even more precise search results. The idea is that apart from typing in a word/sentence in the search window, one can select a type of question one wants to ask, i.e. questions that start with “What is…” or “How to…”, etc. For even more narrowed search one can also include categories.

SPAMarketing: Time for Advertising Green Tax?


A typical view: next to mailboxes stands a waste basket full of discarded unread direct mailing advertising. People hate it and yet the “analog” spamming seems to be on the rise. What a waste of paper, trees, paint, etc. The way I see it – the only way to stop it is to make advertisers responsible/accountable for such a waste of natural resources. I don’t know, maybe introducing the first Advertising Green Tax will help?