My Higher Selves (visualised)

my illustrated virsion of the concept. (shot during my hippy time in India 2007 -2008 😉


Expansion of consciousness, drawing.

real – things that are already real for us

unreal – things that aren’t real, but still can be imagined

impossible – is what lies beyond our imagination.

its a dynamic system, i.e.: 1000 years ago planes were still unconceivable, 200 years ago they became conceivable and 100 years ago they became a reality.


Pooja loosely translates as “blessing”. I just got a new bike and decided to perform pooja on it.

This has been done outside small Ganesh temple (God of Luck and Protection) using incense from the temple, red henna, lemons and a coconut. It was broken into pieces at the very end of the ritual. Pooja mantras were played in the temple throughout.


Bindu marks left on all four sides of the bike.




Pooja is widely used on all newly acquired material things to charge them with protective energy.