Crows and Terrorists

Joshua Klien talking on TED about the amazing intelligence of crows:

kind of reminds me orthodox methods of terrorism control.


Wierd Outdoor Village Media

click on the pic for the full view.

1. Village couple announces its support for a political party.

Village couple political

2. Wedding announcement. You see the couple (left) and wedding ceremony sponsors (right)

Wedding & sponsors poster

3. A symbol that keeps evil forces away. You can see such signs almost on every house, village office or transport.

Good luck signs

4. A village leader stature.

Village stature political

5. Election poster.

Painted political

6. Popular guy (election) poster.

outdoor cutout poster

7. Private Happy Birthday poster.

Happy birthday poster

8. Political leaders poster. I don’t know why, but the “green” face (with dark glasses) always stays “green” on every poster.

Wall political

9. Political poster on private house. In support of Lolita (controversial political figure.)

Lolita political

10. Another political party symbol.

Smithlock political

11. Beacon – another symbol representing a political party.

Beacon political

12. Anniversary of someone’s death poster.

Death announcement

13. A marriage announcement poster.

Marriage announcement poster

14. Another political party symbol in a village

Party signs

15. Just wierd.


Salvia World Peace Solution

In a video below a guy describes the effects of smoking salvia divinorum and explains his visions of the spiritual world.

After watching this video came this thought: Maybe it’s not a bad idea afterall to legalize some drugs in the name of peace? Maybe we need a law that forces politicians to smoke a pipe of Sacred Salvia or Blue Water Lilly every day before they go to work?  Imagine how peacefull the world woud be.


because the latest anti-smoking ad campaign with explicit evil graphic health warnings on cigarettes is illegal, immoral and counter productive. The ad campaign has been introduced already in Canada and Australia… soon it comes out in Europe too. I am not against banning ALL tobacco advertising or creating more smoke free places, but this subhuman campaign is where I draw the line. Negativity only breeds negativity. If the health authorities and various anti-smoking groups really want to help out their smoking fellow citizens to quit, they should adopt a more respectful, sensible and positive approach. In this video I suggest a new strategy.

The Law of Attraction, Hollywood & The New Planetary Consciousness

Scientists are now saying things that had been known for centuries by philosophers, mystics and men of religion. Namely: Our thoughts create our physical world. In other word – Thoughts create things.

Below are some interesting video clips I found on Youtube where prominent scientists, psychologists, philosophers, etc. talk about The Universal Law of Attraction and its effect on our daily life. I find them quite amazing.

So if this is true (and I am convinced it is so), that means that we humans have attracted all our current (and past) problems all ourselves, i.e. all hurricanes, wars, diseases, earthquakes, terrorism, etc.

Hollywood as an industry is a reflection of popular public consciousness (desires and fears). According to the Law of Attraction the more people think the same thing, the faster it will manifest itself in a “real” life. Now think about it – the more people watch war movies, the more wars we are going to face in our “real” world. We were watching movies about global terrorists long before terrorism became a global issue. And what about the 11th sept 2001? We all remember movies with terrorists high-jacking and crashing planes long before this tragedy has happened.

I think that all these scientific findings (particularly from quantum mechanics field and psychology) cast a completely different light on our entertainment industry and its consequences for the world. What seemed to be an innocent play with ideas turns out to be a very powerful tool in shaping our reality. It leaves us no choice but to take it seriously.

Highlights from Düsseldorf 2006 international scientists conference “Wisdom and Science in Dialogue: The new Planetary Consciousness. ”