A Brief Description Of The Present.

Imagine yourself in a fast moving train going from point A to point B. Now let us suppose that A is the Past and B is the Future. So you can sit by the window and you see the landscape passing. The landscape stretches from the right to the left. Now draw a vertical line across the window. What lies on the right side (right coming direction) is the Future, but what is on the left – the Past. The train is moving very fast and you are trying to fix the Present behind the line. You cannot succeed because of the flashing real from the right to the left. The train’s speed is the speed of Time.


This beats MTV (c)rap!

Once at night I heard weird singing coming from a field from a far. It turned out to be a couple of Indian peasants going home from some local pub. I went to meet them and asked to sing for the camera. They were apparently under influence of alcohol or something else, but I was impressed by their voices and the style of their singing. My favourite bit of the video starts when the second guy starts singing using a body language similar to rappers (throwing fists into the camera sort of thing). at about 1:50min time line. A friend of mine, a Tamil guy who was with me, said that it’s a kind of folk song about life of common people. I asked them to sing in duet and the babas improvised pretty well. Refreshing stuff.