Wave Cyclist Harekrishna

filmed at Repos Beach, Auroville.

below are a bit more spectacular vids of Harekrishna’s stunts that we filmed during my time in Auroville.



because the latest anti-smoking ad campaign with explicit evil graphic health warnings on cigarettes is illegal, immoral and counter productive. The ad campaign has been introduced already in Canada and Australia… soon it comes out in Europe too. I am not against banning ALL tobacco advertising or creating more smoke free places, but this subhuman campaign is where I draw the line. Negativity only breeds negativity. If the health authorities and various anti-smoking groups really want to help out their smoking fellow citizens to quit, they should adopt a more respectful, sensible and positive approach. In this video I suggest a new strategy.

Taking the Balloon idea even further

I just read this post “Balloning marvelous or noisy attention seeking” from Chris Hoskin where he writes how Members of BUND (German Friends of the Earth) put the balloons on the exhaust pipes of cars to highlight problems with CO2 emissions.

Why not to push this idea further and put massive balloons on industrial smokepipes? The huge balloon would be filled with hot smoke and released to float in the sky as a giant poster.


I am sure that such a stunt would would create a bigger impact then targeting individual cars as well as solving a problem with reading the actual message (on the ballons).

Take a break from work. Get a flu.

Here’s a viral campaign thought from xgeronimo how to promote the effectiveness of the best anti-flu pills on the market. Farma-tec is creating a special gray pill containing a flu virus for people to get infected when taken orally. They will be given away for free with every pack of Farma-tec’s “Rid-of-Flu” (anti-flu pills). The campaign’s slogan: TAKE A BREAK FROM WORK. GET A FLU.



See Farmatec website.