Abstract Paranoya.

Under the word “real” I imply everything that can be subjected to our mind’s perception and reproduction. By other words, everything is real that can be imaged. By reproducing objects or notions we determine all possibilities of their potential threats which these objects of imagination contain in themselves. Therefore, by converting anything into real we create a threat for ourselves. Here I do not want to go into scales of these threats, even though a question may arise – what kind of danger a regular daisy can represent for human being? That is a different subject of how a man can or should tackle with the daisy’s threat in order to prevent it. I just ask to note in conformation of my words that if one fails to recognise the threat and neglects its danger he/she could be poisoned by it or choked, or whatever else. But let us precede our abstract reasoning and slip into the sphere of unreal. Unreal is something what we have no idea about or something what we are not aware of and therefore we can’t imagine it and measure its potential threats. Proceeding from the above definition we can comprise that the Unreal lies above our imagination and there is no contact with it yet. So far, if there is no communication, there is no threat.


Thinking Outside The Cube (visualization)

Black dots – people that follow the rules of the cube and move along the lines. (I wanted to make them more in sync with each other, but lost patience in doing so 😉

Red dots – people that don’t follow the rules of the cube and move independantly outside the system.

click on the image to view animation:

Both have their own function: the black ones – to maintain the system, the red ones – to test and hack it.

approx. ratio: 1 red dot for 9 black dots.

p.s. All the black dots love watching parades and be part of any sync movements. All the red dots are mavericks and independent thinkers.